I'm a tank.

  • So I just waked off rock from a catapult on battlegrounds. No damage whatsoever and it it me directly in the face. Another person was close to me and took damage but was far away enough to survive. And I was told to stop using my admin hacks.

    I’ve seen other people take a direct hit and die. They happy glitch a lot and get launched to space. (Well there is that invisible ceiling they bounce off).

    I didn’t get knocked back at all either. I don’t know if it hit me and exploded or went through me and hit the ground and exploded with my inside the rock. Can catapult rocks go through people doing no damage like swings can?

  • I’ve seen that bug several times aswell.

    Being a (former) user of catapults, I’ve noticed several of my hits neither doing any damage nor knocking people back at all. Can’t explain why but they should be dead if a fucking rocks hits their face.

    Also, it’s a bit offtopic but may it be the splash damage has been drastically reduced? Catapult has become so weak it’s not even fun anymore.

    Last but not least: Fix the 2 different adjustments. I hate how this thing behaves different every single time I use it. Sometimes it uses the “zeroing” I’m used to and good with, sometimes it takes “the other one” (really hard to explain) which totally cocks up my aim. :(

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