South African Game Server

  • Hello All

    This is my first post here and hope you can assist. I am trying to rent a Chivalry server in South Africa and all the companies that have your game as an option (and host other games in South Africa) do not seem to have Johannesburg or Cape Town as a hosting option location.

    One of the sites (Multiplay) said that it is not available in this region due to how the ranked server system works.

    Please help, I would really like to get a 32 player ranked server up……I do see 3 servers in South Africa but have heard they are hacked.

    As the server is for a sponsored MGO this is obviously not an option.

  • No love :(

  • Hacked? The ‘server’ to which you may be referring is not hacked. However, if you want to report any exploits, please let me know.

  • Lol not yours Rusty. The other one, I wont name but I know he has other hacked servers, which imo is not a bad thing if there is no other option. Point is the dedicated server is not a desirable option to me. Well not yet until it has some of the major issues ironed.

    All the international hosted server seem to be so much more stable. You know your server crashes and lags just like all the other dedicated ones.

    Hence this post here.

  • Greetings Snake

    I’ll make an inquiry with both service providers about opening up the ability to host this locally. Sorry, i was looking for something completely unrelated, and saw this post, sorry for the thread-rez

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