Dedicated video ram requirements??? HELP PLEASE !!!!

  • Hi there,

    I ran a diagnostic test on “can you run it” ( and found out that to run chivalry i need a dedicated video memory of 256mb and all i have is 0 bytes.

    I then check to see how much dedicated video memory I really have, and it says that i have 1280mb of dedicated memory available.

    I am currently using an hp envy series 142166se and my graphic card is a AMD Radeon HD 6630.

    I tried to add the dedicated video ram in the bios, however this option is not available.

    It confuses me how i can play games like Guild Wars 2, black ops 2 and etc smoothly with decent graphic settings online, however I cant play shivalry at all, it lags so badly (internet speed is normal and not lagging for streaming/playing other games) with an fps of only 20

    your responses are greatly appreciated


  • Guild wars 2 isn’t exactly graphics intensive and black ops 2 min spec is below chiv.

    Your card is also integrated. So it sucks it away from your RAM and CPU. You don’t have a dedicated graphics card at all. Though integrated AMD graphics are the best integrated graphics, integrated graphics compared to an actual card suck shit.

    The minimum card for this game AMD side of things is a 3870 and for its day it was considered a high end card.

    So what is your CPU and how much RAM do you have. The game is more CPu intensive than it is graphics intensive.

  • Developer

    The 8800 GT was the minimum. It has a 760 on their benchmark.

    The 6630M isn’t on the list, but I assume it’s more-or-less the same as a 6600M. The 6600M has a 695.

  • The 6630m is pretty much dead even with the intel 4000.

    And the intel 4000 has a score of 465.

    Ain’t gonna cut it really.

  • I have TWO 7850 2gb versions running in crossfire AND MY GAME LAGS IN THE GPU FRAME RENDERING TIME
    I have more than 10 times the GPU power as you Josh and I can barely run the game on lowest without the frame rate lagging in the GPU rendering.

  • ^ Torn banner definitely needs to fix that and other people performance problems as well, but i will just say, this is a perfect example of why i think multi gpu solutions are a waste of money lol. Unless its a AAA brand new crysis 3 title or something, 50% of the time your second card is just going to hinder rather than help lol

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