My CD key has been revoked!

  • I played chivalry for at least 120h and had stopped playing for a while as my pc is a bit old now and keeps freezing, now that I’m mready to play again I see my game is missing from steam’s lybrary. I contacted Steam and they said that the publisher(you) revoked my cd-key and i needed to speak with the seller. I spoke with Gamersgate and they haven’t helped me.

    What is going on???

  • Payment failure.

  • What payment failure? I payed them game a long time ago too, I said I played over 120 hours…

  • You will have to contact the retailer you bought it from ~ in this case GamersGate.
    You will not get resolution through this forum.

  • Then I’m screwed as gamersgate won’t help me either… It seems like everyone is just gonna `retend its not their problem and point to the other party. Nicely played…

  • Random forum posts saying ‘give me new key’ without a receipt won’t work.
    You could try sending a private message to one of the Devs but this really IS the responsibility of the retailer. If the retailer sold bogus keys or sold copies of the same key then it’s their responsibility to fix it for their customer (you). TBS wouldn’t get any money from a bogus key so really you’re not their customer at all.

  • Developer

    If you bought it from GamersGate, contact their customer support as this is between you and them. If you bought it from some sketchy reseller who bought it from GamersGate, contact the sketchy reseller, but don’t get your hopes up. There’s nothing we can do to help with payment disputes, sorry.

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