Various noob issues

  • Hello all.

    I’m getting to grips with the SDK and have made my first map. However, I’m having trouble getting player spawns and CTF elements to work.

    I’ve placed (what I think are) the relevant actors within the map, including UTTeamPlayerStart and UTCTFBlueFlagBase, etc. Are these the wrong actors? When I use PIE to test the map, I have the team selection screen, etc. but I’m stuck in spectator mode when the ‘respawning in…’ timer finishes.

    I am an absolute noob at these things, it’s astonishing that I’ve managed to make a map at all honestly. But I’m quite proud of what I’ve done and I’d like to see it through now!

    Any help / suggestions is greatly appreciated.

  • Developer

    Yep, wrong actors. The ones you want are prefixed with “AOC”. I don’t think we have a CTF example level. Can you open any of the official AOCCTF- maps?

  • Excellent, thanks for the reply.

    I copy/pasted the relevant actors from an official map (I had no idea I’d be able to open them up). Spawns now work and the flags are pickup-able. For any other noob SDK-users out there, you’ll then need to set a ‘Capture volume’ for the flags.

    To do this, build a trigger volume using a builder brush, then type the name of that volume in the ‘Capture volume’ setting of the flag properties.

    Thanks CS for the reply, you were most helpful!

  • For future reference, To get a AOC_playerstart onto the map, simply open up the content browser and go to the actors tab. type into the search bar the word “player”. click on Aocplayerstart and drag it out into the map. You must the open up its properties, and in one of the first drop down menus select the belonging team.

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