[IN PROGRESS] Map: Phantom

  • Inspired by NylePudding’s ‘Fall to your Death’ map (http://www.chivalrythegame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=14653), I created this map that also takes inspiration from a fight scene in Star Wars: Phantom Menace.

    I’ve never made a map before in any form but I was eager to create something for Chivalry, so I’ve done a lot of learning (trial-and-error) just to get a map that works and I’m mostly pleased with the results.

    I’ve set this up initially as CTF. There are two paths to the enemy flag; one being a stair case up, and the other being a ‘diving board’ down onto the flag platform. This is a very small map with intentionally awkward/narrow walkways so is generally optimised for small team games (3v3, 4v4). It doesn’t take long to cap a flag, so defending your platform will prove vital.

    If you’d like to play around with this map, it is available here:

  • This looks awesome. We need more scifi type looking maps :D

  • This will be amazing in duels.


    This looks awesome. We need more scifi type looking maps :D

    Thanks! It could still look a lot better (add an actual sky box, etc.) of course. I was thinking the same with regards to sci-fi maps - where’s all the crazy stuff?!

    There are quite a few issues with the map currently regarding lighting. In this pic, it’s hard to discern team colour:

    However, you must admit that the distortion of light by the light-beams looks pretty cool:

    I should also state that the light beams pulse (or dim and undim pretty fast).

  • What’s up with the link

  • Someone add custom star wars or Tron skins and we are golden!

  • @JackieChan1050:

    What’s up with the link

    It seems you’ll have to right-click the link and ‘save link as…’ or whatever your browser’s equivalent is.

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