Losers in duels.

  • Sick and tired of people crying, flaming you, hurling personal insults and just generally turning into vile human beings upon losing a duel.

    My in game name is Saint Jude, and i fought someone today whose name escapes me, but was something like Scaws.

    I play with the Brandistock as even before i even found Chivalry, i generally loved spear weapons.

    Upon winning this duel, i was fantastically flamed. I am level 36, he was 46 if i remember correctly.

    All the usual insults followed - im a fag, i play with an OP, i cheat, hack etc etc.

    Some weapons are more powerful than others, sure. However if i win with the Greatsword, its bugged. The Falchion, its bugged. The Spear, its bugged. The Brandistock, its bugged, the Morning Star, its bugged. I have had all of these accusations both pre and post patch.

    Sometimes when you lose, it is simply because you faced someone with superior skills to your own. I wish people would calm the fuck down and realise this sometimes.

  • People are going to rage at you when they lose at duels, it’s human nature. It’s not going to hurt you, there’s no use in complaining about it.

    Personally I do hate facing the brandistock in duels since the patch, it’s not a fun weapon to go against.

  • what would you like us to do about this?

  • While the brandistock is pretty OP currently….

    Just bask in your glory. He’s just jelly. Take it as a compliment.

  • I hate getting kicked more.

    The loser just needs to make a poll and say “Jensen is speedhacking” and everyone will instinctively press YES, and then he’s rid of me before I can even argue about my innocence.

    I just faced a guy named Manly Tears who tried to feint the **** out of me but he was so predictable that I just took a step in and overheaded his neck off mid-feint. Instantly got votekicked for hacking.

    I would laugh about it if I could.

  • @Jensen:

    and then he’s rid of me before I can even argue about my innocence.

    30 seconds is more than enough time lol.

    So, let me get this straight. You trash talk when you win, but you’re whining about when they trash talk when they lose. I don’t get it.

  • Loosing at duels sucks, it pisses me off as well, but raging it out on the person that won you fair and square is simply juvenile. There is nothing you can do but enjoy slashing them up and hope for a rematch where you can repeat it with your “OP” weapon.

  • @SOC: Implying that people even wait that long and don’t just vote instantly to get that annoying vote window off their screen.

    Basically I would need to get someone to spectate me in 30 seconds, otherwise they can just call me a liar and even if I somehow magically get someone to spectate me in time they can just say “he turned the speedhack off.”

    Not exactly ideal.

    Also not sure where you got that he was trashtalking after winning from.

  • Still it’s not exactly something that can be solved, much like flaming.

    So yeah this thread is without purpose except maybe for venting rage ^^

  • I think Tobi put it the best: "Thrust of a claymore! (but longer)
    Slash of a quarter staff! (but longer)
    Overhead of a zweihander! (but longer(and slower))

    By your powers combined, I am BRANDISTOCK!"

    As a side note, I was comboing into a stab with my claymore and actually got interrupted by a brandi lmb. Soooooo ya there’s that…

  • duels are boring, go plat ffa or TO or something more fun!

  • @Krellus:

    duels are boring, go plat ffa or TO or something more fun!

    Here we go…

  • 1vs1 is not balanced as far as classes and weapons go, so it’s not merely just flaming, some weapons do have advantages against others and if the enemy feels he lost mainly because of that weapon and not the player, well… that can be frustrating since it counts on some silly record.

    That said, there is no rule saying you can’t use something. Play with the weapons you want and ignore the rest.

  • When my Classic duel server isn’t populated I’ll mosey on over to proper duel servers. Last night there was quite a few (A LOT) of summer sales players on.
    To my pleasant surprise, all of them were well mannered and didn’t complain or say my Messer was OP when they died to it.

    One of them was querying about tactics and suitable weapons to learn with, was refreshing indeed!

    I try to recommend to most noobs I come across, that duels isn’t for newer players. You learn faster and have a better time in FFA/Team matches, duels can be over way too fast so they can’t soak in any information.

    The only thing that gripes me about Vanguards is the silly knock back now. If I’m wielding a Maul or another heavy weapon, I shouldn’t get knocked back up to 3 metres on flat ground against a Claymore or spears etc etc.

  • Duels are good for uninterrupted proper mentoring.

  • Off-topic, but I was playing on an Official UK TO server. I got TK’d in a deliberate and egregious fashion by a guy with a 46% TK rate. When I started a poll to kick the TK’er, the guys voted NO. Then they started a poll and kicked me! My TK was 0%. I think those guys had the Rage virus. Big time.

  • For a while, after the “proper” duel mode came out, I played it exclusively. Then, after a few weeks of duel matches, I turned back to LTS, TO, TDM, etc. and I got my ass handed to me.

    It does stuff to you, man.

  • @Hephaistion:

    I play with the Brandistock
    i play with an OP
    Some weapons are more powerful than others, sure.
    Sometimes when you lose, it is simply because you faced someone with superior skills to your own.

    Sry, but from what I see people take the best weapon they can find, show no courtesy, use every trick in their arsenal even if they dont need to, and then complain about flamers.

    I dont know you so I cant know, but I think if you would try giving your opponent a good time, they would probably not flame you. At least I dont have that problem, but then when I realize Im clearly better I often back off giving them time or advise instead of just stomping them…

  • I like how OP is claiming complete and total innocence while being victim to his winner hatecrime.

    Yeah, I don’t buy it. A great many of my duel experiences has the guy in there who is on top of the scoreboard having a general shitty attitude that you can tell just from his playstyle.

    You know what I mean, the eternally laughing man at arms who will use every filthy, gimmicked trick in the book to murder you, then proceed to chop off your head , take out his fists, and teabag you while laughing and punching your corpse. Ooooh, but if you show any discontent for their cocky arrogance then suddenly YOU are the pleb/scrub/troll/whiner.

    Spare me.

  • response to OP only: i would just ignore those people. Ones that try to get better at the game will say good fight or compliment you on a nice move… sore losers and poor sports will bitch in chat, that and bratty children. I wouldn’t even worry about it.

    Do what i did and find good duel friends to play with that are better than you, learn from them, and don’t be that whiny bitch in chat.

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