[Bug] "Ghosting" Weapons - Pass Through

  • Seemingly unrelated to ping or latency issues on the users end, it seems like sometimes players will enter a bugged state where their weapon cannot hit an enemy. When the player swings, the swing just passes through the opponent (Clearly visible on the screen of the player initiating the swing and the screen of the player receiving the swing) without doing any damage of having any effect.

    Thus far, I have not been able to figure out why it happens or how to leave this bugged state. Given enough time, it always seems to leave on it’s own.

    Just my two cents. Feel free to share any experiences you guys have had with this particular bug.

  • I think that may happened to me too. During a fight I suddenly became unable to deal any damage with my attacks even though they clearly were making contact with the enemy. This lasted until my death. After the respawn everything was back to normal.

  • Happened to me too a few times.

  • I get it too.

    Also when I see it happen to an enemy player, I purposely rush them and swing spam because they will try to hit me back but they cant. I don’t know the cause though.

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