• The steam trading card for Chivalry gave me this idea. It could be kind of like dodgeball in TF2, but instead of airblasting, you would parry. This would be a great opportunity to help new players learn to practice blocking and could also be a fun minigame for people who want to take a break from action and/or just hone their skills. Thoughts?

  • Not bad idea, but I should much beter should be advanced training mode. It would be singleplayer or multiplayer mode, where you can practice as long as you want to. Create your bot opponent(choose his class and equipment - but on multiplayer you will just choose a player) and have 3 options:
    1. Hit him a couple of times to hit him. He will block, so you will learn how to hit an enemy and don’t let him block your strike.
    2. Block as many strikes as you can: And you will learn how to block.
    3. Duel. Just a normal duel.

    This can be singleplayer mode or multiplayer mode. Imo it would be the best idea for practice. But volleyball isn’t bad.

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