[Solved]Rotating Camera

  • Hey Guys
    I bought the game for a long time and I was not playing, until I managed to get some of my friends bought the game, I was trying to play with them and my camera just does not stop spinning to the left is spinning without stopping.
    Ever tried to get back the normal settings and nothing worked, I have no joypad or anything connected to my computer.
    Please help, I really want to play

    I Found the Solution here:
    http://steamcommunity.com/app/219640/di … 178068567/

    In the device manager under “Human Interface Devices” I found a device titled “HID-compliant game controller”. Once this device was disabled the in game spinning stopped.

  • yeah this typically happens when you have a controller or joystick plugged in.

  • But I have no control or joystick plugged into my computer ‘-’

  • That’s odd considering that disabling the device stopped the problem, but you don’t even have one plugged in. No fucking clue.

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