Chivalry and the Oculus Rift

  • Playing Chivalry with the Rift is quite an experience. It’s a lot more viable than you might think, if you’ve been following the device’s evolution. The resolution is low, yes, but it’s higher than I expected, and this game happens to be a great test bed, given that most combat takes place at short-to-shorter distances, and therefore most opponents are just as visible and trackable to someone in a Rift as to someone using a monitor.<br /><br />I’m currently playing with the Vireio Perception injection driver, head tracking enabled – haven’t been targeted by an anti-cheat program for doing this, but then I’m not sure any of the servers I’ve been on have had that system enabled. Even though this solution is completely workable, however, I would like to semi-formally request that TBS add native support, even if they simply enable the side-by-side, pre-warped rendering and don’t do anything to the UI (which is mostly unreadable while wearing the Rift – see these <a href=“” target="_blank">chat</a> and <a href=“” target="_blank">scoreboard</a> screenshots and keep in mind that the corners are cut off inside the device). Native support should at least provide great gains in FPS (compared with the latest compatible version of Vireio) and not require the user to do as much tweaking as is necessary with a third-party driver.<br /><br />Now, if you have your Rift and you’ve found this thread whilst looking for help in getting it and Chivalry to play nice, this next section is for you! Keep in mind that this stuff should all be accurate <em>at the time of this post’s writing</em>. I’m going to assume you know how to get the display, well, displaying things in general, so here’s what you do next (open ze spoiler! EDIT: WAIT! DON’T OPEN ZE SPOILER! The steps I list here should still work, but TriDef’s solution far outclasses Vireio – see <a href=“” target="_blank">this post</a> on page 2 of this thread. It’s the one where I say a bunch of stuff for the first time on that page. Whaddya want from me?):<br /><br /><spoiler spoiler=“19172tym”>1. Click the big, green “Download VIREio” button at <a href=“” target="_blank"></a>. This version works. The latest build from <a href=“” target="_blank"></a> does not, nor does <a href=“” target="_blank">Stereoificator</a>. Well, to say they don’t work isn’t completely accurate, at least for the former. But they’re not usable, and I’ll cover why, later.<br /><br />2. Unzip the archive to somewhere. I used C:\Perception.<br /><br />3. Go to the directory and copy \bin\d3d9.dll and \bin\libfreespace.dll to your Chivalry executable’s directory. In my case, that’s \Steam\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\Win32<br /><br />4. Run Vireio with <its directory>\bin\Perception.exe<br /><br />5. Make sure “Oculus Rift” is selected in the top box, “OculusTrack” in the bottom one (if you want head tracking – otherwise, “No Tracking” in the bottom box. I’m hoping that this would prevent Vireio from being detectable by cheat software even if they detect it with tracking enabled, but I am unsure as I do not know if the program makes any mouse-related calls if tracking is disabled entirely).<br /><br />Normally, at this point, we would need to make a profile for the game in <Vireio’s directory>\cfg\profiles.xml, but since another (amazing) game, Antichamber, is already there with the executable name of UDK.exe, Vireio should just use its settings and update them as you tweak them in Chivalry. Woe unto you if you play both and they have different parameters. I should know, as I /do/ play both, but I’ve only really had one magical night with Antichamber, so far, and I was very drunk, and I do not recall how much tweaking I had to do, or how much re-tweaking was necessary upon reentering Chivalry. Moving on:<br /><br />6. Go into Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\ and open UDKEngine.ini. Search for “MaxSmoothedFrameRate” and change the value, which is probably 62, to 124 or above. Vireio uses a method by which it renders one eye’s camera, then the other’s, then spits out a whole screen with the two side by side (I think) and this confuses Unreal’s FPS counter so that if you leave MaxSmoothedFrameRate at 62, you are effectively capped at approximately 31 FPS. Another option to solving this problem is to simply set bSmoothFrameRate to FALSE. Simpler, yes, but I wanted to explain another wonderful thing I’ve learned, so here we are. And I guess maybe you just want to leave smoothing on. I don’t know, we’re not close friends or anything. Oh, there’s a second set of those same values, later on in the INI file, but those appear to just be for the editor? Whatever. When in doubt, change everything.<br /><br />7. Run Chivalry. If you’re presented with four rendered camera views instead of two, it’s (in my understanding) double-hooking. What a whore. Try renaming the d3d9.dll you put in Chivalry’s directory (when I’m testing things out or want to go riftless, I just rename it to d3d9.dll) and give it another shot. And note that there is a difference between running the game from its directory via Windows Explorer/the Run dialogue/the console/etc. and running the game from its Steam entry or something. In my case, with the DLLs in place, running from the directory would do the four-eye thing but running from the Steam list would not.<br /><br />8. Assuming that worked, you should be seeing the view of two cameras, pre-warped. Fantastic. Go into the game’s video options, set the FOV to 110, maybe turn shadows off if they’re on (not sure if this is necessary; some games freak out but I don’t recall if UE3 games are among them). VSync might or might not end up making the experience better for you. Tweak all this stuff as you playtest. As a note, whether you have VSync on or off, because of Vireio’s alternating frames, you will likely notice one (both? not for me) of your eyes somewhat-uncomfortably “pulling” during quick in-game movements. They’ve got this problem fixed with the newest version of the driver, but, again, the usability is not quite where it needs to be for me to endorse it in a post like this. In this case, that is mostly due to the lack of functioning keyboard bindings for adjusting the driver’s 3D settings and the head tracking.<br /><br />9. And speaking of adjusting, it’s time for you to host yourself a little test game in Chivalry and follow the directions outlined <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to get a good 3D effect in the Rift. Get back to me when you’re done. Oh, and thanks to haggler for catching the following: you’ll need to press F6 to swap the left and right cameras, as Antichamber’s default settings give Chivalry reversed stereo, for some reason. Okay, now go to the site. I’ll be here when you get back.<br /><br />10. Welcome back! Now you can adjust the tracking, if you need to. F8 decreases yaw (looking right and left) sensitivity while F9 increases it. Shift+F8 and Shift+F9 do the same for pitch (looking up and down) and Ctrl+F8 and Ctrl+F9 adjust roll (rolling is rolling), though I’ve never needed to touch the roll setting for any game. Currently, I have my mouse (well, trackball, in my case) sensitivity in Chivalry set to like 34, inverted, which, using default Vireio settings, makes its head tracking super-sensitive and makes me look down in the game when I tilt my head up, so I have Vireio’s Chivalry yaw setting turned way down, and its pitch setting turned down even further, into negative values (just hold Shift+F8 and it’ll eventually go below zero) to compensate for the aforementioned inversion. After fine-tuning these, if you quit the game, Vireio may seem to forget about your tweaking upon reentering Chivalry. It has not, it just needs a nudge. Quickly tap F8, then F9, and you should be back up and running.<br /><br />11. Play. Test. Kill every bloody archer you see. Remember that, with head tracking on, you can look at things to aim at them. This is especially fun when blocking or being a cheap, disgusting archer.<br /><br />This list also serves as an example of all the trouble TBS would save us by adding native support. ;}</spoiler><br /><br />Sorry if I’ve forgotten anything. I’ve thought over the necessity of going into such detail, but decided to do so just in case someone might find it helpful. I thought about posting this as a tutorial in that section of the forum, but didn’t see any [MISC] posts that fit this theme in any way and I’m hoping it’ll maybe drum up a little discussion in General. Mods, if thou must or simply wantest, relocate away! I’m going to repost all this on the MTBS3D Vireio forum while I’m at it. If I realize that I’ve left something out, I’ll fix it. If you have questions, ask.<br /><br /><a href=“” target="_blank">Here</a> are a <a href=“” target="_blank">couple</a> more screenshots, with pretties enabled, to show a teensy bit more of what the game looks like in the Rift. Except, in the Rift, it’s all huge and 3D. You get the idea.

  • Ah, and I suppose I should note that, while cropped to remove the black, terrifying void-borders, those images are at the Rift’s actual resolution.

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  • OMG Oculus Rift and Chiv… its a dream! I posted it before, but now I see you are actually doing it.

    I wonder, when you turn your head your body stays in position, so you can look before you turn (turn stays like it is now ---->mousemovement)? That would be awsome.

    edit i just read your spoiler, and I supose you can :D

  • @boldest:

    OMG Oculus Rift and Chiv… its a dream! I posted it before, but now I see you are actually doing it.

    I wonder, when you turn your head your body stays in position, so you can look before you turn (turn stays like it is now ---->mousemovement)? That would be awsome.

    edit i just read your spoiler, and I supose you can :D

    Ah, unfortunately not, with the current implementation. Vireio enables looking side-to-side and up/down by directly emulating mouse movement, so, until native support is added, looking to the side turns your body and aims in that direction, also.

    Edit to give a bit more detail: This means you can end up with your head turned to a side (and even tilted up or down) while you’re walking “forward” and your view is level in the game. It sounds disorienting, but you get used to the strangeness of it pretty quickly, and recentering yourself is easy.

    Now, head roll is interesting in a different way. You don’t really notice it, generally, because we’re all used to our view in a monitor staying fixed when we roll our heads, anyway. You definitely notice it if the Rift’s roll tracking is turned off, though, as the world will roll with your head, lol.

  • My freind has one.

    He made me play as a scout on TF2 without adjusting it at all. And I had never played a game in 3d before.

    Almost threw up.

    And gaming in 3d is way better than movies in 3d. I thought games would suck like movies do.

  • Yeah, that sounds rough. TF2 was a strange choice to blaze Valve’s VR trails, given its pace (and the Scout class just amplifies this), but I’m glad they did the work with Source that they did, because HL2 is pretty damned cool in the Rift. And anything having native support is far preferable to having to use a third-party driver.

  • Salute sire!

    I told my missus that I’ll be buying of these no matter what. She was all ‘u huh’, and I was all, ‘damn right woman!’

  • Oooohhhh…. I think I need new pants.

  • Developer

    The list for Oculus Rift dev kits is evidently still quite long.

  • I have one :P

  • I’m sure Oculus Rift decapitations in first person won’t make you hurl. :D

  • The worst thing about the oculus rift is when you havent adjusted it properly and aren’t used to it. and when you start to feel sick your instinct it to take it off. That’s even worse than leaving it on and not moving. As your brain has to adjust back to the real world.

  • Hey, I have a Rift and was wondering if you could post tips on how to get Chiv working with it? ;)

  • I have one and I was wondering what the official stance on it is? I don’t want to get banned for using Vireio drivers, I love this game. :(

  • Anyone wanting to play Chiv with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra should look at the Virtuix Omni too. It lets you physically walk, turn, run, jump and crouch in the game. That helps a lot with motion sickness.

    Here’s the guy playing Skyrim with it:


    He’s using Kinect here, final tracking will be in shoes and much better. Pre-ordered mine already. Has two days left on Kickstarter, after that the price goes up, so thought I’d let you know :D

    Devs: any plans to de-couple look, weapon, and movement for use with these three VR devices in future? Thanks.

  • One other thing with chivalry, the instructions above are are good… But I noticed something was wrong with the 3d, it just felt off. It ends up the stereo was inverted by default, far away objects looked close, and close far. I kept using the default settings from antichamber as mentioned above, Well it ends up the antichamber settings just needed the swap_eyes variable set to true in the profiles xml. Now the 3d effect is very pronounced and correct. (after messing with ctrl f2 and f3, and also just f2 and f3 to adjust convergence.)

    Here is the line in my profile.xml for vireio

    <profile game_name=“Antichamber” game_exe=“UDK.exe” game_type=“200” separation=“0.00740001” convergence="-0.4008" swap_eyes=“true” yaw_multiplier=“25” pitch_multiplier=“25” roll_multiplier=“1”>

    If you want to tweak it, I recommend using something like standing close to a wooden post in game, and staring at far object for reference… then try to recreate a similar situation in real life and make sure the post diverges to the same amount when viewing a distant object. If everything starts to look out of scale you may need to adjust the fov, or keep messing with ctrl f2 and f3… also just f2 and f3 does something also. I also turned my mouse sensitivity way down for the head tracking. I played online for 6 hours without any issues. Chivalry is definitely the most fun I’ve had with the oculus rift so far, I just wish the framerate was a little higher on my pc, It definitely helped adding -useallavailablecores to startup parameters.

    It’s amazing where gaming is going with this vr stuff, I Hope all of this helps. :)</profile>

  • You can force almost all games to run in 3D. It doesn’t mean that they are supported in 3D.

    And chivalry isn’t supported by oculus rift at the moment. So expect issues.

  • yes there are some issues like shadows, etc. It would be great if they added native support somehow, But it’s still pretty awesome.

    Also a side note, I was pretty skeptical of these vireio drivers, in most of the youtube videos games appear not very 3d compared to native rift demos. after doing some tweaking with f2 and f3, and control f2 and f3 in game I’ve got the 3d in chivalry almost as good as the tuscany demo or a game with native support. I would definitely recommend trying this driver out to anyone with a rift. I was pleasantly suprised. Just be ready for a headache messing with the seperation values.

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