Clan/warband option.

  • I would like to bring the idea of adding a Clan/Warband interface on the main menu, were one can see registered clans/warbands, their server location and rank.I also think this idea can be implemented before game release if it is done only using simple features like “create clan- invite member- see clan list, with a rank next to each player’s name”

    The clan rank can use the average rank and scale it down to the nearest whole number, (6.5 scaling down to 6 in the unlikely event) it Should also have a list of players showing individual player rank without having to join these clan player’s ingame server.
    This will be best compared to the wow Arena options in the player interface, because players can see how much time people put in and how skilled they are as a result in a simple form, be it a rank in this case instead of a player “level”.

    If this seems like a possible solution to a lack of distinguisment among individual warriors,
    then i would like to also see Torn Banner do it propperly and add a tabard and/or Arm and shield crest feature that can be customized in colour and symbol so that each clan has a unique symbol/crest that represents them (the idea is to make every class have a place to put the crest)
    This would be a great possibility for future updates once you have already implemented a clan/warband option, using the same interface to add this customization option for a clan emblem.

    If this idea to improve the main menu interface and make it more clan friendly is overlooked, i will be disapointed as i dont see a point to all that hard work torn banner studio’s put into developing a ranking system if clans cant use it as a way to distinguise skill amongst themselves or other clans.

  • Give each respected clan or clan leaders a clan cape / cloak !

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