Weapons and some buggs

  • **In Russian version of the game a lot of buggs:

    1. black screen (sometimes);
    2. text bugg;
    3. sound bugg;**

    How about new weapons to all classes?

    1. new two-hand swords for knights (Flambard, Nodachi);
    2. dual-weapons for vanguards;
    3. rapier for man-at-arms;
    4. japanese bows for archers (daiky?, hanky?);
    5. ranged weapons for all (shuriken, chakram, tomahawk);

    How about voice choice for the character?
    It is possible to make a choice of the coat of arms?

    Maybe add boats, add the map with a ship boarding (attack) .

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • If it is possible, would be to make very cool different types of armies of the different countries and as to divide them everything into 4 classes. You choose the knight, and there still some list.

  • Would really destroy the feeling, if we had all the cultures mixed together…

    Just wait for the mod tools and do a japan mod…

  • Dudes there’s a bushido mod, now standalone game coming out.

    1. They have said they are not going to add any new weapons at this stage of the game.

    2. Nah. Dual wielding weapons is just a gimmick and not really that combat effective (unless the second weapon you wield is a smaller weapon in your off-hand for parrying)

    3. Nah. Rapier isn’t Medieval, it’s Early Modern era.
      4 & 5) Nope. Chivalry is based on Europe, pretty much. If you want japanese warfare, check out Bushido. A samurai game very much the same feeling as Chivalry.

    4. Nah. They’re not gonna do that, and the voices are awesome as is already. Maybe for a Chivalry 2, if they ever are gonna do that one.

    5. Not yet, but it’s coming with the next content patch. You can change colour patterns as well.

    6. They are not going to do that, but modders and mappers are. There are boats in the game, just not fights on boats. I’ve seen many mod ideas concerning naval warfare in Chivalry.

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