[IN PROGRESS] tactical map

  • Ok, so here is the deal. I have a developer team willing to build the map I want. I am paying for it, because I am picking and timelines are important.

    However the problem is not money but that I am super busy nowadays.

    So I am looking for a project manager. Someone to whom I can propose general concepts of what I want, they can translate it into a specification for developers. I am a stickler for well defined specifications since money is being spent.

    This is going to be my test project. If it works well I have an idea for a much larger project based around lord of the rings, that I would like to do.

    So if you are someone who can innovate, write a word document spec, technical, has common sense, please apply.

    My budget for project #1 is $300 with $250 for developers and $50 for project manager.

    The budget for the next project is considerably more.

    To give you an idea, I spent maybe $5000 on Aion to have the perfect assassin thief lol

  • Can we have some kind of link to see what this “dev team” can do?
    I’ve got a TO map project that would bring a whole new level of tactic and fun to this game… but I don’t think I would ever have time to realize it.

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