Autobalance/Battle Deployment Issues and Thoughts

  • Hey Guys,

    I’d like to tell you my thoughts about auto balance and teams and hear your opinion about it.
    My problem with the current auto balance system is that it really does hinder guilds or premade teams. Ever tried to get on one side of a team with your five buddies? It works, but it’s a drag -,-
    I understand this in already running matches but a newly started one? Having to join the other team just to kill myself and switch sides in a few minutes when someone on the other side leaves kind of sucks in my opinion.

    It would be great if there were some mechanism to make a guilds life easier.
    For example a pre battle deployment screen where everyone could choose their side and teams could be formed and then, after both sides got balanced, the match would start.

    Just a thought ;)

    So what’s your opinion?

  • I don’t see this effecting anybody in a negative while being a great asset, so the only obstacle should be development time.

  • Autobalance is pretty messed up as of beta patch 2. Several times I’ve involuntarily switched teams and it either treats it like a suicide (and deducts points) or I don’t even notice until I start wailing on my new teammates.
    There needs to be a notification at the very least.

    More info (like which team is winning) when joining a match would be good too.

  • they still working on proper team balance/auto balance

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