Dedicated Server Bandwidth Settings

  • Hi All,

    I’ve recently started hosting a dedicated 20 player Chivalry server and would like some help with the settings in relation to bandwidth.

    I have the server on a dedicated 64bit server platform and have an Etherstream 20mb up/down connection shared with only one other running server, an ARMA2 server which averages 2-8 people occasionally.

    I’ve tested the Chiv server with the ARMA server off so its been eliminated from the problem.

    The problem I have is that once the server gets over 6 people or so, the pings get high and lagging begins. I get a ping of 13Ms to my ARMA2 server even with 10+ people but on Chiv I am getting 140+ as are most other people.

    Is there some settings to apply to the server to tell it how much bandwidth is available and what to allocate to each connecting client?

    I have googled this and see a lot of conflicting information so was hoping for the definative answer!

    Many thanks in advance.


  • If you look in UDKEngine.ini
    under Engine.Player and IpDrv.TcpNetDriver there are things like MaxClientRate, MaxInternetClientRate, ConfiguredInternetSpeed and the like. Try playing around with those. What are the specs on the server CPU wise?

  • Thanks for the reply b3h47pte, the server is twin Xeon 3.60ghz, it barely breaks a sweat when there’s 20 players on it.

    Currently I have the following lines in the UDKEngine.ini



    I was hoping someone could give me a stable collection of settings.

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