Insane rank up bug, needs reversal

  • Hi, about 15-20 minutes prior to writing this, I was playing a game of Chivalry Team Objective, after unlocking all of the 2h weapons for my vanguard and everything in all categories with my Knight, I decided to try the archer, after getting killed by a knight, I suddenly ranked up from level 20, which I was proud of getting myself, to an absurd rank 46. This has really annoyed me and to be honest , made the game close to unplayable. Of course I play the game to enjoy myself, but the idea of ranking up adds to the enjoyment and sense of achievement of the game. The fact that I have been forced 26 levels higher than I should be by a game bug irritates me, and multiple people in the same server also had that problem. I cannot recall the server name though :/ If I have posted in the wrong place to get help for this, a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.


  • There is no fix for this as far as I know. Sorry.

  • Is there a way to contact the devs? I love this game, but the progression is half of the fun, and I cannot play the game without it. Some may be happy to get a stupidly potent rank up, but I really am not…

  • Dude this is been happening for a while.

    Trust me the devs know.

    Almost all hose who are rank 46 got jumped.

  • Well I hope the issue gets solved, I will probably get over it sooner or later and start playing again, but it is annoying that the progression has been taken away :/ I guess that if the devs are aware that it is something that are looking to fix.

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