Some ideas I have!

  • Hello everyone that reads this post. I suppose that since you read this article, you agree with both me, and many other players that plays CMW, that in a positive way, changes can be made.

    What I mean is not that the game is bad, not at all. It’s just some improvements that makes the game even better we are looking at.

    I think that one way to make the game better is to add and explore even more ways to make the game more realistic and dynamic.

    Changes I relate to when I mean dynamic & realistic is some of the following:

    • Shields carried at the back could be as functionable as when you hold them. Protects agains arrows in the same way, (what they do), but also agains incoming strikes. I know that this would be a little bit overpowered in a way, but let’s say that if you were hit, a small 0,3 to 0,35 second stun effect should be the consequence.

    • Dynamic weapons strikes: Such as the axe. For example: When you hit someone with any axe in the belly or the back, it should fasten to their body as they fall and this “Dying scene” where you release the axe from your hand would be a cool way of literally take the opponents life. (Of course a way of picking up the weapon again should be there. A chest at spawn or press “E” to drag it out of the body, or something like that.) Just to make it more realistic and cool.

    • Also, as I said with the axe, a sword stab could work at the same way. Stabbing and opponent where they die, a small chance for letting go your sword should be there. Also, where you can drag it out from their dead body.

    • Those dynamic axe and sword killing scenes would be great to improve the realness of true medival warfare.

    • Another thing that could be added is a kind of “in game” money system. Where you gain a small amount of ingame money after completing any match. The money you gain is based on the functionaly you as a player were in that specific match. (Kills, assists, objective and score).

    • A question many would wonder is what we should use the money on? Weapons is nice as they are that they requires experience and time to unlock. But then money would be a little wasted to add? Maybe not, I know that many players like to feel special and unique at the battlefield. Honor titles, symbols, colors and such could be something you could spend you ingame money on. For examle a very taleted knight level 50 have around 100k money (What is much), and he can spend it on a title that makes him even more unique. When you press TAB and see the name of the knight at the scoreboard, a lion or eagle could be a symbol to the left of his name or something. These ideas are again something that we can put effort into with the new customization system coming soon.

    • Different TO-systems. We all love TO, dont we? Well, the TO matches in CMW are always the same. Defender, attacker etc. The match always have the same routine. What if some kind of parallell TO match could be added? I mean. You have both the Masons, and the Agathians, fighting each other. But what if there could be a TO match that could turn into different perspectives? For examle a wasteland fight with many different cool objectives. But instead of having for example the Masons attacking and the Agathians defending it could turn around. Like: If the Agathains are doing such a good job that the match turn into another perspective. And the Masons have stand no chance. Then a anti-effect could come where the Agathians start pushing back the Masons and they appears to be the “attackers”, and the masons have to defend themselves from what they first started.

    • Like not always on the same TO match= Mason attack and Agatha defend. But it affects of the skill of the players on each team whoever pushes the most and does the best job… (Maybe a little confusing, but what I mean is like for examle: Dark forest where mason attack. If Agatha did a very good job in the start the normal darkforest routine could change and the Agathians start pushing back the Masons into their lair or something…)

    — Many things to look at here, but there must be some guys out there interesting in some of these improvements. Of course I understand that things take time. But developers. Look at it. :) –-


  • War of the roses.

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