Low FPS on a good computer (before it was fine)

  • Hi guys!

    So I stopped playing CMW for a couple of months, I run it in a really good laptop: quadcore i7, 32 GB RAM, GTX660M and SSD).

    The issue is that 2 months ago I could run it with 60 fps just shutting down a few features, like vertical sync and dynamic lights and so on, I could play on max textures and overall good graphics with ANY problem.

    Well, I downloaded the game again and for my surprise I get around 30 fps on a lot of maps with EVERYTHING at MINIMUM. I deactivated everything and reduced the resolution and nothing, shitty fps.

    Looking at the FPS UNIT feature I can see that its not my GPU fault (its values are always around 8 ms) but the ones on Game are around 20-25 ms which I think are the cause of my low FPS. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THOSE 2 MONTHS?

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thank you in advance! :)

  • You should have been running the game on max settings at at least 60FPs if not more with that.

    Something was wrong to begin with.

  • U mean on the first place? I could run it on 60fps in most maps but not in all of them (during the beta and short after release the game was really bad optimized). But now it’s just fucked up and I have no idea why, the GPU seems to be working fine so it must be something with the game settings.

  • Your Windows environment changes every time you install a new program or do a Windows update. Saying “it must be the game’s fault” won’t get you anywhere, because if it was the game’s fault we would all have the same problem. It’s your machine having the issue, you need to take ownership of the problem.
    Have you updated your laptop drivers? Go to the manufacturer website and look for new updates.
    Have you installed the latest Nvidia drivers? I had a problem with the June 22nd driver causing lag in multiple games. I had to revert the driver to an older version, then download the driver fresh and it worked.

  • Try to go to My Document/My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame
    and go into UDKEngine.ini and find MinCompressedDurationGame under [XAudio2.XAudio2Device] and change it to a higher name. It’ll reduce the CPU load for audio but increase your memory usage which shouldn’t be a problem on 64-bit machines.

    Also make sure your laptop’s power saver setting is set to High Performance.

  • I got on here to edit my post because I felt that maybe I was a little harsh, but I find my post has been removed already, so I guess it was much worse than I thought.

    In any case, I apologize.

  • b3h47pte takes no shit.

    But your right it does happen to lots of people with good specs.

  • @lemonater47:

    b3h47pte takes no shit.

    But your right it does happen to lots of people with good specs.

    I actually was intending to be helpful, but somewhere during writing my post, I lost sight of that goal. In any case, I’m still working on solutiuons to this and several other problems and I will try to let the devs/community know as I find things that work (or make things worse).

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