Server browser and steam integration

  • Hello Torn Banner.

    Next time, if you’re planning on creating an online game with steam support, learn to code.
    Me and all of my friends who are trying to play this game are losing their motherfrakking minds. It’s a great game if you can get to the same server. This game has been released for over a year and you still haven’t fixed these problems? I’m sure the summer sale money will give you a few dollars to actually hire someone competent.

  • 9 months is not over a year.

    Its used to work. And the steam join friend feature has always been dodgy for many non source games.

    And the in game server browser friends tab is working.

    The IP address steam gives when you click join game from there is right. So you can always use the “open [IP address]” command in the console.

  • Developer

    This isn’t a support question. It’s not a even a fully-formed complaint.

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