Custom map crashing server & sky bug

  • Hey there,

    When I try to load a map with custom content (an additional .upk package) my beta server crashes with standard “UDKLogging.exe has stopped working” error. I had a folder with the package and map file in SDKCooked folder, then moved it to AOC/Levels, however it didn’t help.

    The problem occurs not only with my map, I tested it with Goomba’s Helm’s Deep map which also seems to have custom content and the server crashes as well. I had no problems with maps without any additional packages. Any ideas what might cause the problem and how to fix it? Log provided in attachment.


    Another thing is sky graphical bug. I’m using a custom sky material (just a Texture sample put into Emissive slot) and after cooking the map it doesn’t display properly. Here are the pictures:

    It seems to be displaying only a portion of skydome around the crosshair. The sky works properly on uncooked version of map in both editor and game. Any help on those two matters would be most appreciated.

  • So it happens to my map too. I don’t think we can change anything though it seems like problem come from when you cook the map. Can’t wait to see the SDK goes live.

  • Developer

    If you haven’t already, can you try recooking the packages with the latest SDK release and confirm that the crash is still there? Also, a crash dump (.dmp) might be helpful; they should generate in the same directory as the logs.

  • Developer

    This goes for anyone else with server crashes as well. We need as much information as we can get, and we need to make sure these crashes are happening with the latest SDK build before we move on them. Copies of uncooked and cooked packages that have issues would be helpful as well.

  • Hey,
    My latest map versions cooked with Beta 4 work just fine, no server crashes whatsoever.

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