Duplicate UID.

  • When I was playing last night on the LTS Beta Server-US East, there was one person constantly trolling me and a few other people, and when it was only me and maybe 4 other people he managed to votekick me. Now the when I try to join the server it constantly says “Duplicate UID”. It’s one of my favorite servers and now I can’t manage to join it, help please?

  • I’m assuming you tried to join the game immediately after you got kicked?
    We will look into the issue :) The server will work after the next restart…I’ll get it restarted ASAP (when there aren’t any people in it).

    Just a question: did you ever get messages that you were banned from the server?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • It’s quite fine, I appreciate the quick reply. I don’t think I got a message either, If I recall correctly. Thank you again mate.

  • Who was the person?

  • ~X~, mate. Don’t know what his problem was, besides being a piss poor troll.

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