Zombie mode

  • I know this is really overdone in almost every game now. But I think that Chilvary should also implement a Zombie gamemode, The hilarity that would ensue. I’d just like to know everyone elses opinions on it and maybe even see whether or not the developers have considered something like that. Because although you guys tried to get as realistically accurate in terms of the aesthetics of medieval warfare, You went with a fictional world because then that’d open up more options to play with.

    So anyway leave your thoughts and opinions :P

  • I’m sure with the beta release of the SDK someone is already working on a zombie mod :P

  • 4 defenders on Stoneshill TO against 12 Filthy Peasants armed only with torches.

  • it would be incredibly easy to do. they already have prety good but boneheaded bots, they already have different classes and weapons. just add an inferior class, allow us to restricts bots to that class, there you go.

    and there are ways to keep it within the theme of the game as well, conceptually.

  • I’ve never heard of this idea.

    But I did watch World War Z.

    (good movie - ending sucked though)

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