Chivalry: Asian Warfare

  • I had an idea for this game that would add pretty much a whole new expansion to the game. If we took the fighting to Asia. There could be new classes like a samurai or a ninja or a Indian with a scimitar. This could take the game to the next level. There could be new maps and a whole lot of new weapons such as a katana, kunai, or a gun. The gun you think would be cheap. Well accuracy back then was horrible so the gun would have terrible accuracy but great damage. Some ideas for the classes would be A chinese gunman, a samurai, a ninja, and a middle eastern character.

    If you guys think this would be a really cool idea please comment on it. I think this would be really cool and really add a lot to the game. It could be a good marketing plan too. Like asking for $5 for the expansion. I’m pretty sure many people would pay a small fee to unlock another half to the game.

    Just comment on what you think and if you can improve my idea please go ahead!

  • Here is an improvement - an entire game perhaps


  • Gregcau has a good link to a more advanced topic than what I have. I would check it out. It looks really cool and is very similar to what I was thinking

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