Give us a passworded duel server

  • Seriously, give us a passworded ffa server with the password being on the forum in a respective thread that we there can have weapon testing in peace, aka duel. Doing duels is impossible on public servers with more than 6 people, because someone always decides to go “I don’t care what you were trying to do” and just attacks people. Since most servers aren’t being used anyway, I suggest the UK or German ffa server getting a password protection. If additional ones in other time zones are needed, I do not know.
    This also helps testing in a more focused environment and also allows people to conduct other testing if needed and enough people agree to it (like finding getting stuck spots in maps or doing VOIP team battles to find if maps are truly balanced).

  • Getting passworded servers is something on my to-do list for the next patch so we start releasing dedicated server files to some people. Sorry that it’s taking so long :)

  • Sorry, did not know passwording was not in yet. Good to hear that it is planned and coming. Can we mark a server as duel server (a FFA server) and maybe hope that people actually read it? I assume it would be no use however and DM would still happen. Would be nice though.
    Hidden servers only joinable by IP are also not possible, right? Being able to suppress the update to the master server and having it only open via known IP address would also work.

  • Nice idea.

    Count me in for a duel server.
    I was really lucky to test many classes in 1vs1 conditions during the first days but now it’s almost impossible to find a duel server.

  • We usually get around 6-8 people dueling on one server, before others join up and start to run in for FFA without thought. At this point telling people to stop and kickvoting those who do not listen becomes a chore, so I am looking forward to a passwordprotected duel server to fix this issue once and for all (hopefully). Playing duel-police is annoying.

    Edit: For duel mode, it would be nice to have a very open flat map that we do not have on any map we have right now. It would also be nice to set a no time limit, since 10 minutes go by fast if you are concentrating on duels.

  • I understand that you want to duel but there is nothing wrong with the people who join and kill everyone. Its FFA.

  • Err no, majority vote for the win. It is not FFA it is a beta, so if we use a server for 1 on 1 testing purposes and you interrupt us, go on another server.

  • And I dont know that it is beta? Why dont you go to Team Objective server and test there, it is also beta

    Thats how people beta test, they play the game but mainly focus on finding balance issues and bugs.

    Cant you just equip a certain weapon that you want to test and go fight people with it

  • Oh yes… Duels. Count me in !

    UsF you are doing great as Duel-Police. Heh-heh

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