Chilling by the lava lake

  • how did i get here?

    then lag made me try swimming in it. which was a bit warm; i prefere my lava cooler.

    anyway, i had set out to free some prisoners, but i fell down some cliff. brought within an inch of my life, i thought i was dead. but, surprise surprise, unlike all the other times something like that had happened, i lived! but had nowhere to go:

    then, to make matters even more ridiculous, lag teleported me inside! through a wall! as seen above.

    so, next time you’re trying to free the oppressed slaves from dirty Agathans; or, alternately, trying to protect your workers from the ravaging Mason savages, remember the adventures that could be had right below your feet.

    possibly the prettiest part of the entire map, lava effects were pretty cool, and it seems you can only get there through a most unlikely sequence of incidents.

    now i want a Dungeon Keeper mod!

  • You belong down there you filthy Javelin user.

  • lol. yes, it was nice to get away from all the Vanguards.

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