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  • Made an account just to say how horribly bad the filter menu experience is. Every time I do “ANYTHING” that isn’t joining a game, my filter menu does not refresh again. So every time I must exit the game and restart just so that I can see the servers once again.

    It’s fucking annoying and needs to be addressed. Also ruining the filter menu experience is the fact that I’m trying to join a game when the servers are still refreshing. I click on a server but before I get the chance to join it, the servers refresh and whatever I clicked on is now highlighting another server.

    Never had such a poor filter menu experience, it almost makes me wanna quit playing before I start.

    Please fix. And yes, this is a total rant, flame me all you want, the filter menu sucks and needs a revamp.

  • I don’t use them. Makes things easier.

  • I use them for filtering out empty/private/full servers and the ones with high latency.

    For most other purposes sorting seems to work better. Also the filter is missing some crucial options (class limits, friendly fire %, server being ranked etc.).

  • yes, again, they need to bind the selection to the server, not the list position.

  • Developer


    yes, again, they need to bind the selection to the server, not the list position.

    Have done in Patch 3 (though there aren’t enough beta servers to really see it right now)

  • i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. however, i found a better solution: allow us to stop the retreival of Servers.

    basically as suggested half a year ago: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6852

  • Developer

    We’re talking about the same thing. The currently-selected server stays highlighted (regardless of what row it moves to, or if it moves out of view, or whatever), and the list scrolls to keep it in view. This currently only happens in the Beta app, where the Patch 3 beta is currently sitting.

  • oh like that, ok thanks.

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