Third-Person Crosshair is Way Off

  • The title says it all. Whether ranged or melee, the third-person crosshair is not even close to showing where your weapon is going to strike. It’s half an inch to the right or more when playing on a WQHD monitor.

  • Well, I don’t really see why this is a problem. You should know where you weapon swings to anyways, so crosshair for melee is useless. (Imho) And for ranged, well, why would you wanna be ranged in third person?

  • That’s beside the point. This is the bug report forum, I am reporting this issue as a bug.

    I, for one, do use the crosshair. Like it or not the crosshair is a feature in the game, and in my opinion it doesn’t seem to function correctly in third-person.

  • unfortunately its not getting fixed (reported, discussed)

    besides first person is better.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I like first person too, but what would be the point in not fixing it? If it’s because having it offset adds some sort of “challenge” (which it does not) then they might as well remove the crosshair entirely.

  • People are cynical aholes, I agree w OP. It’s a bug that makes the game worse, when it seems like it’s easily fixable.

    When you play Van or Knight and have a huge sword fighting 3-4 bad guys at a time 3rd person is great. If someone takes off running and you want to switch to throw a knife or axe at them the crosshair is way off. Luckily I know this and adjust but I’ve been playing for a long time. If I was playing at a friend’s and debating buying the game this would be in the list of cons.

    Please fix, we’re not the only ones that this ‘bugs’.

  • If you’re using the first or third 3rd person perspectives, obviously the crosshairs won’t be accurate, that’s unavoidable. The second third person perspective actually is on target in the horizontal axis for using projectiles, of course vertical axis is a moot point due to drop anyway, so I really don’t see your issues.

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