[minor Bug] Killing someone with your last throwing-weapon

  • When you throw your last javalin and kill someone with it,
    the kill will count for the next weapon you’re switching to.

    Not sure if it’s just showing it wrong or if the kill really counts toward the secondary weapon because you auto-switch to it ‘too fast’.
    Also don’t know if this only applies to javalins or all throwing weapons that automatically switch you to another weapon when you’re out of ammo.

    I’m really really bad with javalins, so it’s hard for me to reproduce. :P
    Someone else noticed that and knows if it’s just an indication error (showing the wrong weapon in the kill log) or if it really counts for the weapon you switch to?

    (sry if double-post)

  • It happens every time with any kind of throwing weapon and is already a known issue.

    Not sure if it credits the kill to the weapon you switched to - I unlocked everything too fast - but it doesn’t really matter since it’ll probably be fixed before the game goes live.

  • Noticed this as well, kind of weird killing someone with a mace 30 feet away.

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