Running out of arrows during the tutorial

  • I was playing through the tutorial to learn how to play, when I got up to the tutorial area for the class system. I chose the archer and began shooting the targets. I decided to try and see if I could hit the furthest target on the range without using focus, and ended up running out of arrows.

    Since my bow was out of arrows, I got stuck. I could not finish the rest of the tutorial, and had to exit the game.

    Would it be possible to refill the player’s arrows if he runs out? Otherwise, you just get stuck and can’t progress through the tutorial.

  • Isn’t there an ammo box by the set of targets?

  • As I remember it there was an ammo box there somewhere. I used it to shop everyone in the head lots of times.

    And I hit the farthest target first go. The guy hadn’t finished talking. He hadn’t got up to the focus part yet so I didn’t know how to do that until the next time I did the tutorial.

  • You were actually able to hit the farthest target? I have not been able to hit it since the patch.

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