Crossbow reload when hit

  • I don’t know if it is actually a bug, but almost each time I get hit, melee or range, when I’m aiming with my crossbow (light crossbow in my case), I get a reload animation even if my weapon is assuredly reloaded since I’m aiming. While this animation is undergoing, I can’t move or cancel it. I have to draw my secondary weapon to stop it, but by the time I do this, I’m usually dead. On the steam forum, I was told it was normal to be unable to move when you are hit, but I am able to move when I’m hit with any class, so I don’t agree with that. This problem is really frustrating and I was hoping it would be corrected in the latest patch but obviously it wasn’t. Additionnally, I sometimes can’t aim at all, even if my crossbow is loaded.
    Thanks for your time!

  • Hello Galarith,

    Torn Banner has introduced a new sort of flinch / cancel out mechanism for the projectile weapons, This new system of theirs is suppose to make ranged weapons cancel out their draw / hold if they are shot during their ‘About to fire’ position. As for Crossbows, if you are shot you are suppose to lose your bolt, leaving you to reload your Crossbow before being able to fire again, though that it puts you automatically into reload phase is a bug they will sort out pretty soon.

    Their new system is created to balance out the fight between two projectile / ranged weapons and I think its a brilliant idea, just that they ought to ensure its flawless first.

  • @wildwulfy:

    ….if you are shot you are suppose to lose your bolt, leaving you to reload your Crossbow before being able to fire again…

    Why would you lose your bolt when you get shot? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the crossbow just goes from aimed into the default position.
    I know this is just a game, but it seems a little strange to me.

  • I am having the same problem- even if I have a bolt loaded, if I am hit by a melee attack it automatically kicks me into the reload animation, generally resulting in my being killed by the next hit. It’s very annoying, especially if you’ve tried to actually learn how to use the crossbow in close as a support weapon only to have one errant swing send you right into a 3-second span of staring at the ground even though you had a bolt in the slot.

  • I agree both with sorry_lad and FelixReynolds. I understand the mechanic of flinching when you are aiming, and I’m fine if an archer wielding a bow drops the arrow. I don’t think the bolt of a crossbow should be lost, since it’s place in the mechanism of the weapon, but it should stop you from aiming. At least I know the forced reload animation is almost certainly a bug.
    Thank you all, I hope they fix it soon (as well as a lot of other bugs that suddenly popped up in the game).

  • It would kinda make sense that you have to reload your crossbow again after you got hit while RELOADING. But being hit and forced to re-reload when you’re ready to fire just seems odd and stupid to me.
    Bows are OP enough as they are, leave them crossbows alone. :P

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