New and curious

  • I have loved the mod and I am sure Ill love your first standalone game I will most likely buy if i can pull together some money get your group growing ^-^

    This type of game is the EXACT type of game I have wanted to make I have learned to model and do a decent amount of other things such as texturing, website making, and stuff like that I was wondering if you guys could try and help use also learn to do what you guys do I have been trying and trying to figure all this stuff out but I am having trouble getting some of it down.

    I can model pretty well but I am trying to learn to do all the uv mapping and zbrush or mudbox stuff, and I am learning to model organic models but I am having trouble and was wondering if could help figure these things out in a tutorial or something maybe.

    also how did you guys do the rocks and vegetation you did so well on these I want to learn so bad need some awesome teachers

    funny I have had this exact game In my head to make for SOOOOOOOO long I am glad someone made it and maybe someday I could make something like it as well Thank you and sorry to be a burden lol

    this team of developers literally my idols atm

  • I have to admit. I’m loving what we have seen for this game, and the devs actually taking the time to talk with the community is rare and amazing.

    If I had the skills, I would be offering them to this group for free just to get the chance to play the game faster perhaps. :)

  • I know =) I am trying to learn these skills to do what they doing now but I am having trouble figuring it out with a lil bit of teaching >.< If i can learn this stuff and or maybe by them helping me learn if my game team fails I would like if they were willing to accept me and or needed me join them =) but I gotta learn first before i figure out either way lol I can do pretty good actually in modeling drawing and textureing stuff but they defenietly got some skill that would love to learn that I havent yet*also need figure out how you integrate the normal maps onto the model and into the game.

    I am using blender atm idk if any of them have it.

    you probably can tell i wrote this at night when I tired lol >.<

  • Best way to learn is to get some basic tutorials then teach yourself.

    Places like

    Pretty much all the information in the tutorials are available for free, but you gotta search and dig around the internet to find them.

    If you wanna know how to go about making rocks and foilage then your best bet is to again look for some tutorials. There are so many ways to do things and all are pretty involved and complex that you really cant give simple answers. Many people have taken the time to explain and how why they do things, you just gonna find them. Good places to start are art communities like and

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