Bow and secundary jamming

  • I’m getting it more and more, so would like to report it. Sorry if their is already a topic somewhere.

    So, I’m a aggressive archer that likes to be close at the front. This means I have to switch weapons very often. What I have a lot (only play with warbow btw) is that when I switch back from my short-sword to bow. I cant shoot. It just jams. I need to switch back to secondary and that’s not it. I need to make a swing and then when I go back to bow I’m able too shoot again. Just switching and switch back does not work. Pretty game breaking at some points.

    Also have a lot of the times when I end up in a melee fight and when my enemy manage to hit me that everything gets stuck and jams and I only can walk, but not use my weapon, swing or do anything else then just walking. It doesn’t happen as often as the bow jamming, but once it happens it is really really frustrating.

    Also noticed that when I shoot arrows and somebody sneaked up on me and hit me. Well, sometimes you manage to get out before the second blow and turn around and block it. Unfortunately I have a feeling something is wrong here, cause 95% of the time that parry doesn’t seem to work, unless you back off and that swing miss you and you will be able to block the 3th swing. But I’m pretty sure that when you get hit, turn around, switch weapon doing so and try to block the second swing it’s like mission impossible and really have my doubt if that has to do with me as I have a feeling a lot oftimes that my timing was perfect
    I stopped doing it and chanced tactics on that, but usually end up dead anyway when sneak attacked, but any archer have opinion on this? I have a feeling there is something wrong with the parry mechanics here on this subject as well.

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