Flinch question

  • Hi guys and girls,

    Let me set up an example first; 2 Knights fighting with the Longsword, Knight A hits the other with say an overhead and flinches Knight B. Knight A doesn’t follow up with a combo and goes in to recovery.

    Now the question, is it right that Knight A can attack again after recovery before Knight B is able to after being flinched? I have experienced this many times before where, say I get hit and I go to make a follow up attack but I am hit first AND within my wind up so it cancels my attack.

    Is this how it is meant to be? Once you get hit you should play defensively? Or am I doing something wrong/ missing something completely obvious.


  • This is how I understand the game to work, yes.

    You have to stop the momentum if you’re hit in order to be on the offensive. This is not to say that the guy who flinched you is going to follow up directly with an attack though.

    Also, you can windup and swing a fork in between claymore combos. I’ve actually been in the situation you mentioned and been hit with a fork from knight B before.

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