Some questions from Polish fan :)

  • Hi, at start I must tell you that I’m sorry about my weak English :(

    I have two questions.

    1. There will be charakter progress in multiplayer mode (level, better eq or something) ?
    2. Where can I preorder this game with a box ? There is some polish distributor or some page when I get preorder with box ? I can’t find it, only I see preorder without box. (I don’t know what it’s name - electronic game ? ;p)

  • 1. No, there are unlocks, but it’s not like Call of Duty or anything, they’re something everyone unlocks naturally over the course of time.

    2. I don’t know about retail, as far as I can tell, only people who ordered off Kickstarter for 65$ or more get retail.

  • Ok, thanks ;) And that unlocks will be unlock from k/d ratio or w/l ratio ?

  • No idea; all I heard is the unlocks happen as you play naturally, and that even the most casual player(1 hour a day), will unlock them all in 2 weeks.

  • Siema, jak chcesz si? czego? zapyta? to PM :)

  • I believe there will be a retail version in Poland. Not sure if it’ll be out exactly on release date but there will be :P

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