Bot skins are all black

  • I searched for this topic in several ways to no avail, so I’m hoping someone has an idea of what’s going on. While playing, sometimes in online matches, and always against bots, the characters have no team colors, they are all dressed in black and this makes gameplay confusing at times. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • That’s a beta bug. Or rather something they haven’t added.

    With the way customisation works they haven’t programmed a way to automatically give the bots a random colour and emblem customisation.

    Now this should only be happening in the beta. Not the release build.

  • Ok. I have one more question, as I searched youtube as well, every video I watched the bots had team skins at least? I’ve played Team Deathmatch and other team game modes, encountering the same problem.

  • Did you just get the game? It seems you’re playing on the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta app, which is where we publicly test new patches - make sure you also install the regular Chivalry: Medieval Warfare app to play the live game.

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