Unable to Attack or Parry After Using a Siege Weapon

  • The title pretty much sums it up. I believe this has been a bug from the very beginning? Almost every single time I use a siege weapon these days, I find that after I click “E” to stop using it (such as the catapult) — for example, upon hearing footsteps of an approaching enemy — I find that I am unable to swing my weapon or parry for a certain amount of time. The disablement usually lasts for about 4 to 8 seconds before I can switch to a secondary and be able to parry/swing again.

    This has resulted in my death more times than I can count! One time I was disabled for at least 30 seconds, just running around being unable to defend myself or swing my weapon.

    Any ETA on fix? Surely this happens to everyone else and not just me? :(

  • This glitch has been so prevalent for so long that I just assume I’m glitched out every time I get off a ballista/catapult.

    Get off siege weapon -> Attempt to attack the air -> If nothing happens get back on siege weapon and repeat as necessary.

    That’s been standard procedure almost for as long as I can remember, which is disturbing.

  • Yep it’s even worse if someone hits you off of it, makes it so you can’t swing every single time it happens.

  • Probably the oldest bug in this game. I just became accustomed to switching weapons every time I got off or hit off.

  • I save myself the bother and just hit F10 instead of getting off of the siege weapon.

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