Flail: Range- 12 / Dagger: Range- 14

  • Seriously?

    Come on… be better than this.

  • Pretty sure the flail stats are off

  • After they created the holy bubble, the had like 5 second before the patch released.
    It was a miracle they even noticed that some weapons might have a problem reaching the opponent.

    The weapons that got and didnt get a range increase is totaly random.

    5/6 of maa weapons are broken now either because they got buffed or because they didnt get buffed.

    Hatched useless
    Hunting Knife god of bullshit
    Fists made out of you cant hit them if they are backpadling

    Why oh why did they rape the fists so hard.
    You cant even have some consistend brawl with them.

  • Yeah, some weapons really do suffer from the holy bubble - it must be said, hatchet among them. I use it a lot, and its still effective but… you sort of have to be wedged against them for it to connect properly - if not it definitely has a lot of ‘mishits’ where it just wont hit them. Needs a minor range buff.

    The worst is when you are chasing a fleeing archer/maa and sometimes you physically cannot hit them, swinging about a millimetre out of reach.

  • More on topic - yes, christ: flails reach is way to short to be viable choices especially combined with the “I wish to be stamina drained immediately” Buckler of doom.

  • I’ve noticed an inconsistency between using the buckler with the javelin and using the buckler with the flail.
    When i use the buckler with the flail you do seem to get drained to no stamina really fast, but with the javelin i havent had a problem (i use the javelin as melee exclusively).
    I think the knight has to block a lot when he is using the flail because he has to man handle his opponent into a situation that he can take advantage of with the flail… so maybe it needs tweaking for the knight?

  • Yes.

  • They need to just revert all of this to prepatch and make SMALL CHANGES. They changed way too much in one go, and the game doesnt feel right at all. its not the same fun, responsive, fast paced combat that we used to love in chivalry. These bugs and inconsistencies far outweigh any good they did for the game in this patch.

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