Just cause 2 MULTIPLAYER!!!!

  • OMG this is awesome. 5000 player server capacity I was playing with 1400. And there’s opt in races and derby.

    Of you have never played just cuase 2 its one of the best open world games ever. There is a campaign but that’s not great. But the stuff you can just do is awesome. And the mods for this game are awesome.

    Multiplayer for it is a mod itself an they run era tests every few weekends. And there’s one right now and its awesome. Way better than footage if the earlier tests.

    Go to steam buy JC2 then get the multiplayer mod.

  • I was excited when I first heard about this over a year ago, but the dev team for this mod went quiet for a while trying to get over a few big speed bumps. I’ve been wanting to try it lately but I’m never around when the weekends for it are up. I can’t wait to grapple another played onto my car and send it off a cliff with him dragging in the dirt :P

  • I’m waiting for this mod to not be on some schizophrenic test schedule. It’s been ages.

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