[Discussion] Overall gametime speed

  • I did not see any topic about this, but I think it is definitly worth discussing.

    Contra faster speed

    From an objective standpoint the change of the gamespeed was very bad for a big group of players: Those with low ping. My internet connection is very good normally, I get a ping of 20-30 to european servers. But in chivalry it is always bad for some reason, so sometimes I don’t see swing animations before they hit me, I don’t see parrys so it looks like the other guy is hacking towards me and I see and hear projectiles whizzing by me only to drop dead a second later.

    My point is, that this all got even worse by the patch. I can’t bealy use throwables/archer weapons cause I do not only have to lead my shots, I also have to predict where my enemy will be 1 second more because the shots only go off after a horrible delay. I only get luck hits with the throw axe now where I used to get 70% hit before.
    It is harder on the servers, too, they have to process more information in the same timespan. The overall decreased server performance was noticeable I think, but that may also be cause by other factors.

    I think this point is not reasonably disputable, and I think this effects a good portion of all players. Complaints about lag are very frequent, even on good, non-public servers. (And TB still hasn’t fixed the bug where good servers suddenly lag for no apearent reason).

    Now to my personal opinions: I think it was also better when it was slower, cause the increased speed left less time for reaction, making stabs less viable thus increasing the lmb spam again. Also Avoiding team damage has become harder.
    Archer became more noobish, leading shots is almost unnessecary now. I mean, the projectiles are dramatically unrealistic fast already.
    It also cut away from the distance factor (which I really like about this game). Judgeing the right distance now came way harder, and sprinting into your enemies way easier.

    Pro faster speed

    I don’t know what was gained by it. I really don’t. Someone explain to me please. If you really wanted to play on fast you could join an increased speed server before, and those were hingly unpopular, so why change to this?

    Disclaimer: People who can’t differentiate between fps performance, client lag and server lag please don’t comment on here. This is not about how the game performs if you play it on your toster in antarctica.

  • Wait… they made the speed of the game faster?

    Source please?

  • If your ping is good it sounds more like a lag or packet loss thing.

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    Wait… they made the speed of the game faster?

    Source please?

    Exactly my thought.

    Everyone is complaining it got slowed down, now this…

  • You probably joined a server that had higher gamespeed…? The base 100% speed is the same.

  • Good you mention that, so annoying that you dont know the serverrules before entering with the ingame browser…

  • I actually would like this game to be faster

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