Chivalry needs an active gather!

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    Dear Chivalrians,

    Chivalry is not only special in the way it is being played, it’s community has also made a few fundamental steps forward for forming an active and - more importantly - an independent competitive scene, which does not rely on those big gaming sites like ESL but rather on their own members. This is a quality a lot games are missing. As the game is quite new things are just about to get started, there is a lot of tournaments that are being hosted by motivated members of this community, which is a great chance for clans to fight against others in order to match their skills on the battlefield. But there is one fundamental feature that chivalry’s (competitive) community still lacks, a central place which unites daily communication with gaming. As far as I have witnessed, most communication between members of the community, especially competitive wise, goes through this forum and Steam. Today I’d like to present you an idea of mine (not that it would be something new though) which might offer an option for finding such a place, where people can meet and play at the same time and thus get to know each other better which would eventually increase the overall skill in this game.

    Skip the next part if you’re not interested in who I am but rather what this idea is all about

    Who I am and what I am doing

    My name is Philipp, yet those who encounter me on the battlefield would meet my alter ego ‘Kenix’, which is my nickname for most places on the internet. I am 20 years old, living in Germany. Besides Chivalry I do have indeed a few other hobbies, such as cooking, whisky, music, (obviously) gaming, books, football, etc.

    Now a few of you might ask yourself why I am introducing myself in such an old-fashioned way. Well, that’s mostly because I doubt that anyone has heard of me before. I am playing Chivalry a few months longer than I actually registered an account here, yet I’ve constantly followed these forums. I haven’t been looking for a clan yet, hence I have merely played anything else than public. Anyways, I am somewhat experienced when it comes to gaming.

    I am a well-known member of the competitive scene of Soldat, a 2D shooter that some of you might remember from old times. I tend to compare Chivalry and Soldat, even though they have obviously not so much in common if you look at the games by it’s in-game qualities. However, comparing both communities a lot of similarities pop up. Soldat has once made a few important steps so it could evolve from an only-pub game into something more. A competitive scene was built by it’s members, firstly only by a few but more of them joined over time. Nowadays, after over a decade since the very first edition of Soldat has seen the world’s surface, a lot of institutions have been built and I am somewhat proud to call myself a main admin who is involved in almost any on-going events in Soldat’s competitive scene. After years of organizing and structuring Soldat’s biggest league I have become an important contact for all those players who are still left in this game. I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to administering core parts of a game’s competitive scene.

    Soldat is being kept alive by the league, but - maybe even more - also by it’s still active gather channel on IRC. IRC has become a very core part of the community, as it allows real-time communication for a large group of players. This is, in my eyes, something that Chivalry still lacks. I have tried to gather information about IRC channels for chivalry, using google and the forum search, but neither could I find more than this attempt for a scrim channel. I have thought a long time about this before I finally made my decision to make this post. And this leads us directly to:

    The nature of my idea

    I am pretty sure I don’t have to explain in great detail what a ‘gather’ is. Actually, most games have it and most of you probably have gathered some experience in other games as well. Yet for those who have no idea what a gather is, I’ll shortly explain it:

    What the heck is a gather?

    A gather is a place which, as the name suggests, gathers a certain amount of players, e.g. 10. This could be done in an IRC channel with a bot which was coded for such purpose or in an specially designed program or website. Once 10 people have come together it then randomly divides those players into two teams and gives them a private server to play.

    A gather’s purpose is diverse. It is mainly a good chance for players to play more structured matches on a level, which is above pub-standard. In a community of smaller sizes it is a chance for lower-level players to play and learn from the ‘pro’s’. It furthermore increases the communication within the community since player get to know each other better naturally, while gaming even. Eventually, if used properly, it might even be a chance to bring fresh blood from the public into the competitive scene. This, of course, would require the help of Chivalry’s developers, for example the competitive scene could be advertisement within the game directly by putting an advertisement on all servers or inbetween-rounds.
    Obviously a gather would require a few motivated players who voluntarily sacrifice a bit of their valuable time for a greater good. That leads us to the next point.

    What does a gather need in order to work?

    Assuming we’re talking about an IRC-based gather system, which would probably be the best thing to begin with, it obviously needs an operated IRC channel on Quakenet (the gaming server on IRC). Also a bot is neccessary in order to coordinate the whole system. A bot gathers the people, it forms the teams and eventually hands out the IP to everyone. And of course a gather needs to be provided with a few working and stable servers.

    Apart from this it needs something else, which is far more important: A group, team or council of responsible players. Such a team needs to have a few different types of members: It needs those members who are responsible for organizing, for giving a structure (e.g. coordinating task, recruiting others willing to help, working out rules, etc, etc). Then every gather always needs one or more tech guy(s). Their job is very important, because they are responsible for coding a working system/bot, they host the servers, they basically ensure that the system remains stable. Obviously there’s a lot of tasks, especially at the beginning, and positions within the team might be mixed up with others and so on. Everyone does whatever he can as long as he’s fit for the job and motivated. This concludes into my next point:

    How do we get started?

    This is the most important part of my (admittingly too) HUGE post. I would offer my experience and my motivation to get something started. But I need help!!!

    I mainly are in need of other people that could imagine to help with organizing others, setting up an active channel, spreading the word and, above all, developing a working system which includes an own set of quality servers.

    There is obviously a lot people out in this forum who know a lot more about the competitive scene than I do so I honestly hope for a lot of interest into this project.

    I might be able to get a bot set-up, but I’m not very good at coding and I would definitely need help. So a tech guy is VERY VERY important!!!

    How can you contact me?

    If you’re interested either write me a pm, answer in this thread/drop your steam-nick or contact me here:

    Steam: kenix_kil, Playername: Kenix
    IRC: Name: Kenix, Channels: #sctfl, #soldat.match, #soldatladder

    I sincerely believe into the chance of this. It might eventually cause a growth of competitiveness in this game, something that would make this game even greater that it already is.

    Thanks TornBanner for giving us such an epic game, thanks to those who managed to break through to these final words,
    Remain vigilant on the battlefield and best regards,

  • I like the idea of this, but will there be enough people to provide the dedication and enthusiasm?
    How will “random” players get the word of this, and then eventually end up in this IRC channel?

  • I support the enthusiasm but I don’t really see how this is going to be any more successful than previous attempts at creating a central Chivalry competitive hub. If you know how to change people’s attitude to “join the IRC and get a PuG” instead of “oh, i’ll just play public” then maybe it will work.

  • There will be a pug mode on promod :D

  • There’s been a few open teamspeaks that led to PUGS and both were a ton of fun.

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    There’s been a few open teamspeaks that led to PUGS and both were a ton of fun.

    Promod North America has an open teamspeak at
    We’ve had pugs there pretty much every other night.

  • You guys need a site like NS2 has. For gathers, scrims and other organized fights!

  • @Vesanus:

    You guys need a site like NS2 has. For gathers, scrims and other organized fights!

    Its funny though… I have a friend that played NS2 competitively, and they just had the same destiny as chivalry, they released a patch that made everyone quit lol.

    Is anyone even using that site?

  • @Dubjay:


    You guys need a site like NS2 has. For gathers, scrims and other organized fights!

    Its funny though… I have a friend that played NS2 competitively, and they just had the same destiny as chivalry, they released a patch that made everyone quit lol.

    Is anyone even using that site?

    I heard the same thing from a competitive gamer friend. Both games devs meet up, plan a combined sale, and synchronise competitive fuckups. I couldn’t believe NS2 went the same way - it had a far better established competitive scene than Chivalry as far as I can tell, and the devs always pushed for competitive play. Surreal.

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