Slow Swing Animations and button 2 Action Delay

  • I have noticed that when playing on servers around 18+ players my swing animations seem to slow to a crawl along with input to action. Any ideas why this is happening? FPS seems pretty good, in the 48-60s depending upon map. I have always sort of noticed this delay but it seems more sever after the patch.

    Another problem I have noticed is the button to action delay. I know that the ALT swing has too big of a delay at the front of swing. Press button - Delay - POV weapon disappears - Animation starts. But it seems that on full servers there seems to be an increasing delay from button press to action. When you add in the slower animations, it is a compounded issue.

    The only change to the PC was to remove the virtual memory in favor of Ram since I have plenty there should be no adverse effects that I am aware of.

  • So no one is having similar effects or have an idea what is happening?

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