Dummies test area in the tutorial

  • Probably should rename the tutorial to test area or something too.

    Ok the dummy

    1. Has its own large area you can go to whenever you want in the tutorial.

    2. 1 of each class with and without a shield.

    3. Tells you if you land head, body or limb shots. Red letters for head and the words head hovering over the damage. Yellow for torso. Green for limbs.

    4. Tells you the damage you do when you hit the dummy. And damage type.

    5. Plenty of room to charge.

    6. Running, crouching, jumping and walking dummies. (not as important)

    7. Multiple dummy area so practice that sweet lmb.

    8. Movable dummies. (not as important)

    9. Make the tutorial a section not a forced event.

    10. Easy class weapon switching in dummy area.

    11. Dummies standing still spamming a weapon attack, you chose weapon and attack or random weapons and attack. So people can test reaches and timings.

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