Bug when picking class + blinking bars

  • Look guys! We have two bugs in one picture!
    1: The first one is occurring when I just join a game and try to pick a class. After I picked the class and stay in the weapon screen in, five seconds I think, I spawn with the default equips. The thing is, as you see, I’m still in the weapon screen and I CAN’T click anything else to make it disappear. The only thing to fix this is to press ESC and rejoin the server.

    2. Look at the bottom left corner. Always when I press Alt+Enter to go from windowed or fullscreen, the bars will always blink like they’re empty. If I remember correctly, this fixes itself if the values changes, or if I respawn.

    That’s it, but I also have a question… when will they fix all these bugs? From what I heard several still exist from the launch version.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Bye!

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