HD6970 Driver Crash

  • Hi,

    Since purchasing the game two days ago I have been seeing constant driver crashed on my MSI HD6970 Lightening Edition running both MSI’s drivers, AMD’s stable release and AMD’s beta release drivers.

    The game seems to crash every couple of minutes which renders it pretty unplayable in the overall outlook of the game.

    Attached is the latest launch log of mine running the AMD beta drivers during which two crashes occured, the last being right at the end of the log before I shut the game.

    Edit: The card is not running in SLI/Crossfire configuration which I’ve noted a couple of posts say can cause problems.

    Any clues to the cause of this issue and a solution? Is not too enjoyable to not be able to play after buying the game.

  • Bump.

  • I have a GTX 560Ti and the drivers will crash quit often. I have updated the drivers over the last 6 months or so. The game will lag out, drivers reset then it seems fine for the most part. What I would try is to back date your drivers. On their site there should be a list of drivers and dates. I would start with about 6 months ago drivers and test them. Slowly work your way up to the most stable driver. Just because there is an update doesn’t mean it is any more stable than a more simplified driver. Good luck.

  • Shall give this a try over the coming week or so :)

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