Server trouble

  • I’ve had Chivalry for an incredibly long time and throughout that whole time I haven’t been able to play it online at my house, i move my computer around quite a bit, it works at my friends house but not mine.
    I had similar trouble with Guild Wars 2, it seemed fairly simple for them to fix.
    I think its something to do with the game being connected to my friends IP address and not mine.
    I cant find anywhere on the Chivalry site to contact your team directly and that is why I’ve put it off for so long.
    If you’d like a briefer summary of my problem or any extra information just ask.
    Id be so grateful if you fixed it for me or told me how to fix it myself, thank you.

  • I had the same problem. When i opened all my routerpoorts (DMZ) it was fixed.

  • how do i open my routerports? i dont know what that is lol

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