Lag issues.

  • I am finding that it’s near impossible to play this game due to the lag, many of people in the server are complaining about it too.

    Are there any fixes for this issue as I am not able to swing near a guy because he somehow vanishes from my screen.

  • please post your pc system specs so we can see what your dealing with, also please mention your internet connection and speed as this may also be a factor.

    I have zero lag when playing on any server “ive played east coast usa /germany and a uk server”

    my system specs are as follows:

    evga 580 gtx vid card
    intel i7 920 quad core @ 2.67ghz cpu
    12 gb system ram
    running on 64bit vista

    my internet connection is from comcast using their Extreme 50 plan:

    Chances are if your getting choppy play its most likely the fault of your system or your internet connection speed.

    Please post your info and do a speed test and post this as well.

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