Norse vs Broad

  • broadsword overall better weapon
    but best attack is poke
    norse has better poke
    norse > broad?

  • broadsword overall better weapon
    but best attack is poke
    norse has better poke
    norse > broad?

  • I generally prefer the broad for a few reasons:

    1. I like the slightly longer reach.

    2. Though a little slower, I just like the way the broadsword feels; it’s something about the timing, hard to say exactly what. It doesn’t need to be faster than it already is for my play style.

    3. It’s the default weapon selected = fewer clicks = yes I’m that lazy.

    I do play both, but I lean heavily towards the broadsword, and only switch things up if I’m in a funk, or things just aren’t working, or someone really has my number.

    norse < broad < Norse broads ;)

  • Broadsword is more broken = more OP = Better.
    Specially the riposte stab.

  • The Norse is clearly better in theory, both of them kill with the exact same amount of hit, the norse just do it faster, the stab are the exact same, just less recovery for norse, i think the norse is better for playing aggresively and comboing against opponnent, if you don’t play aggresively broad is fine but the extra bit of more range don’t make a difference really, also the norse has shorter windup and longer release which is better for aim and reach in theory, but yeah some people will feel better with broad timing,i like to play broad sometimes to.

  • As a knight who fights with a shield all of the time; I’ve recently switched from SoW to using secondary swords to fight all but other knights and the Broadsword plays out better in most situations.

    So far I’ve given the Norse Sword about 50 hours and the Broadsword only about 20 hours. The only time I wish I had the Norse Sword is when confronting very good archers with daggers; that 5% speed difference (82%/87%) is noticeable.

    Whilst I hate being diced up by daggers more than any other death; I figure I can develop a strategy to deal with this. In the meantime, the Broadsword offers advantages in all other situations, with the added bonus that it’s not a bad weapon to confront a knight with, in the rare occasions I don’t have time to switch to War Hammer.

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  • How does the norse have a better poke, other than slightly faster recovery time?

    Norse and broad has the same stab damage, broad has more range.

  • I did not know that! I guess that makes the Norse a bit pointless. I was playing with it today though and I preferred its handling to the broad, but whatever.

    Oh yeah can someone answer this question so I don’t have to make another thread: does wearing a heater shield on my back protect me from arrows?

    thankkkkssss guysss

  • Most people will say the broadsword is better because they can’t tell much difference between the speed, but they can tell the difference in range and damage. Also, most people who say this also probably were around before the Norse sword nerfs.

    Overall, the well balance that the broad offers can be very applicable in many situations. That’s why I prefer it over Norse. But the Norse has some really buggy hitboxes in its tracers and can be very very easy to bypass parries and shields with. Like you, I can notice that speed difference too so it can make a very big difference. The extra range the broad offers is what MaAs want in this patch. That range makes playing defensive MaA a lot easier, so people prefer it.

  • I like the Broadsword as its longer and deals more damage. Even if the minimum hits to kill are the same for each class (2/2/2/3 on head, 2/2/3/4 on toro) the Broadswords better cutting attacks give you more options here. The Norse Sword is slightly faster making it better for dueling but its combos are actually slower.

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    How does the norse have a better poke, other than slightly faster recovery time?

    Isnt the norse windup shorter? Thought it was, but not sure.

    In general Id say norse for speed, broad for reach.

    Shields on your back should protect you against projectiles, but didnt test it with the heater.

  • the advantage of the Norse Sword is mostly in Recovery time (and going into Release a little earlier on Slash and Overhead thus being slightly less Flinchable). Broadsword has the same Combo time, more damage and more reach. so overall i would say Broadsword.

    however, possibly because i’m used to Javeliner, i rarely use Combo, and i mostly use stab (both swords have roughly the same Stab), so therefor i’m using Norse Sword.

    slashes and combos: Broad.
    moving in and out with stabs: both work.

  • It’s a shame the only place for the norse sword in this game was to be the rapier. I realise there was no other place for it, seeing as it’s in the heavier secondary sword set (the lighter being shortsword>saber>drumstick) and that most players would be disgruntled if that heavier sword set included an actual rapier. IRL viking/dark age swords acted more like falchions, compared to later one-handed swords they feel top-heavy and somewhat unwieldy. I’ve handled most kinds of swords and viking swords just don’t feel lively at all, they feel like you’d want to use them like a baseball bat

  • I want the Norse Sword to be better, I really do, but I have to go with Broadsword. More range + slightly more damage is what puts it over the Norse Sword.

    I really dig the stab into Overhead combo that the Norse has though.

  • @SOC:


    The norse is more more suited for countering other MAA, but its not like broadsword falls short there.

    I’ve also noticed that it seems to be much easier to hit heads with the norse stab over the broad stab. I tested the norse on body stabs (or what appeared to be body-stabs) against maa, and killed in 2 (when it shouldn’t. So there probably is a tracer issue… at first I thought the spreadsheet damage value was wrong, but that is definitely not the case.

  • @Ready:

    IRL viking/dark age swords acted more like falchions, compared to later one-handed swords they feel top-heavy and somewhat unwieldy.

    Problem is IRL the broadsword was developed out of the norse sword, so they wouldnt be balanced…

  • The broadsword wins out, it is better in almost every way.

    The slightly longer windup time is made up by the extra range it has, so that nullifies it out. It also makes feinting easier.

    To make the Norse sword an option, it should increase its hits-to-kill by 1 in general and match the release time to that of the broadsword. This way it has a quick windup AND release, combo time should be a bit quicker too. Or keep windup-release the same and drop combo time by .1s. It doesn’t make sense for a weapon to have a quick windup and long combo.

    This way it really makes the Norse sword separate from the Broadsword, instead of just being a crappy version of the broadsword.

    EDIT: Doing the above will put it on a level of about the Shortsword, since MAA can choose a shortsword, I’m not so sure it would be worth while.

    What would really be better is for some of the weapons that fall into this redundant category is to have very different attack animations and tracer paths, this way a weapon can have similar stats to another, yet be very different on the playing field….

    I truly believe this is an area were Chivalry can really improve…

  • @Toll:

    It doesn’t make sense for a weapon to have a quick windup and long combo.

    I dont see why that doesnt make sense, and I like it since it adds diversity.
    Otherwise there would just be speed…

  • My opinion is purely based on using both weapons with a kite shield as a system of using secondary weapons for dealing with all but knights.

    I now think I was wrong; it’s been about 50 hours with the Norse sword and 40 hours with the Broadsword and I’m going Norse sword. Total U-turn in the space of a few days. I do love the extra reach and damage that the Broadsword provides but that speed really makes a difference in so many situations. Ok: it’s only about six and a half percent quicker than the Broadsword but from my experience that is a significant factor. Add to this the element of surprise gained by playing the general assumption that people don’t expect a shield knight to be using a fast blade and it has to be Norse sword.

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