Breakable shields.

  • I’ve been playing a while now and everyone has reverted to using shields as they are the most OP thing right now, it takes no skill what so ever to use a shield and the can block for as long as they want as the shield is not breakable.

    If you add a breakable shield element then everyone will maybe play the other classes and get familiar with the game instead of hiding behind the shield constantly.

  • I wonder what reasons for unbreakable shields there are, anyway… Maybe it’s just not yet implemented?

  • they should be atleast breakable by 2 handed weapons

  • I do believe there were debates about shield breakingness in other threads…

  • You just have to learn how to get around a shield, with a sneaky stab! Or, kick his shield and suddenly he’s vulnerable…

  • I get that there are tools to work against a guy with a shield, but from a balance perspective it seems kind of silly that kicking a shield does more to open an enemy up for attack then swinging a heavy maul at him.

    I just think something needs to be done, the amount of heavy knights running around with the hammer and tower shield (most of them seem to be using 3rd person as well) is just making things a bit silly. There doesn’t seem to be any 1 on 1 situation where a shield user is at a disadvantage, and personally I think the game would be better off if that imbalance were resolved.

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