[Idea] Highlander Duel Mod

  • I love the duel mode for Chivalry, and I’m a big fan of the Highlander series, and Duel allows me to kind of live out that kind of fantasy, but I was wondering; would there be a way to make a Highlander Duel Mod? Besides maybe Bushido Blade Chivalry seems the perfect start to make a Highlander mod.

    The easier bits I suppose would be making the Neck/Head the only mortal point on the characters. To balance the small target area out, if your health got down to the point where you would usually die on body hits, you would instead go into a stun phase that could be extended to allow decapitation. How hard would that be to code body parts that are fatal and adding the low stamina effect of stun to general hits?

    The slightly harder bit would be making a katana in the Chivalry engine, however I believe that even though the Bushido: Feudal Warfare guys have decided to make their own independent game I could ask to use the model they made while working on it as a Chivalry mod. The McCleods and Ramirez need their katanas after all right?

    I would imagine the hardest part of the job is if I either be lazy and make no new models, or try to make new models of characters from the Highlander series. I could set it up to correspond to class and/or weapon or makeshift use the helmet customization in order to switch characters, but the difficulty ramps up in actually creating the new meshes, textures, and everything for the models.

    I have no experience in this, but I would be willing to try, or I could find a decent modeler to do it for me.

    What does anyone think about this?

  • It would be interesting to actually see how this would work out, if it was done I think many people wpuld be amused to se how their fightning style changes if the are cut an arm or a leg but it would require whole new animations for one legged walking and even crawling :?

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